CCMD meeting 8-26-2008

Changes are in the works for the Colorado City Metropolitan District Board Meetings. Resolution 09-2006, previously adopted to control unruly citizen comments and prevent outbursts, has been widely regarded as being too restrictive.  At the CCMD Board of Directors Regular Meeting on August 26, this resolution was reworded too make it less restrictive.  The changes will make it easier for any Director or the District Manager to seek citizen comment during the meetings.  The final text will be printed and put to vote at the next CCMD meeting on September 9.

District Manager David Valdez annouced that Hollydot Golf Course will be getting some much-needed replacements for its irrigation system.  Two courses in Denver, Cherry Hills and Pine Creek, are replacing their existing satellite control boxes, which are only two years old.  These control boxes are in perfect condition and will allow more precise control of the water sprayed on the course.

Mr. Eric Baker purchased a lot from Colorado City.  Lot 779 in Unit 1 appraised for $500.  Mr. Baker presented the appraisal to the Board and offered that price.  The Board voted unanimously to accept the offer.

The Board officially adopted Resolution 12-2008, allowing the City to create a 401(a) retirement plan with MetLife.  The plan allows City employees to save pre-tax money for retirement, and employees are hopeful MetLife will be more responsive to participant inquiries than their last plan administrator.

This article originally appeared in the September 10, 2008, edition of the Greenhorn Valley View.

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