CCACC meeting 9-2-2008

Colorado City residents who don’t file an application before beginning a building or remodelling project will face an additional $25 “late fee,” which the Colorado City Architectural Control Committee approved at its meeting on September 2, 2008.  The new fee is an effort to alert people to their need to get approval for any changes that will affect the outside of their home.

The Committee has begun sending letters to residents who don’t have their house number properly marked on the outside of their homes.  Un-numbered houses are a problem for more than the Committee, as emergency and rescue workers have also had trouble finding the homes that they have been called to.  The Committee requests that all residents, whether they have received a letter or not, to clearly number their homes.
Chairman Bill Dye read a letter of resignation from Committee member Susan Kalman.  Ms Kalmanresigned due to the lack of a Directors and Officers liability policy, which she feels leaves Committee members personally liable for actions and decisions of the Committee.  She offered to resume her role as soon as such a policy is in place.  In response, Mr. Dye did some preliminary research into a Directors and Officers policy and discovered several that were reasonably priced and would provide coverage for the Committee members.  The matter will be discussed and brought to a vote at the next Committee meeting.
This article originally appeared in the September 10, 2008, edition of the Greenhorn Valley View.

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