CCMD meeting 8-12-2008

The Colorado City Metropolitan District has tapped the environmental consulting firm of Malcolm Pirnie to provide the professional services needed to get the new Cold Springs water plant built.  At the regular CCMD meeting held last Tuesday, August 12, the board voted unanimously to accept the $20,000 proposal from Malcolm Pirnie.  The firm’s duties will include project management, plant design, and evaluating bids for the new filter system.  District Manager David Valdez says the work that Malcolm Pirnie is doing will cover everything up to the actual construction of the plant.

At this same CCMD meeting, Sara Blackhurst, Executive Director of the Greenhorn Valley Chamber of Commerce, gave an update on the quest for a vision.  The Chamber has collected 230 surveys, most of them coming from the community picnic on August 10.  The Chamber is hosting a vision summit on September 5.  The product of that meeting will be a complete vision statement for the Greenhorn Valley.  Ms. Blackhurst and Director Roger Lowe emphasized that the vision statement is vitally important, as grant funders need to consider this information as part of their decision-making process, and might even be prevented from granting the award without a vision statement.

The Board also approved a new petty cash bank account.  This account will be owned by the city and will be used to pay for the miscellaneous incidentals that crop up from time to time.  This method provides the tracking and accountability that a petty cash fund requires.  The account will hold no more than $300 at any time.

This article originally appeared in the August 20, 2008, edition of the Greenhorn Valley View.


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