CCMD meeting 7-29-2008

The Colorado City Metropolitan District Board of Directors held a Workshop meeting on July 29, 2008.  This was the first of the newly-added workshop meetings to be held on the last Tuesday of every month, immediately preceding the Board of Directors Regular meeting.

The Board is attempting to trade a city-owned lot for one on Val Verde to prevent a dog kennel being built there.  In order to know how much the lot is worth, and thus, whether or not a trade makes sense, an appraisal needs to be done.  The Board approved having the lot appraised, and further discussion is on hold until the appraisal comes in.

Due to the rapidly spreading noxious weeds, a Weed Management Advisory Board needs to be created.  The board will be tasked with identifying problem areas, researching the best methods of controlling those weeds, and educating the public on weed control.  Director Terry Milsom will head this board and will choose two to four more members for this board.  Contact Mr. Milsom if you want a voice in weed management.

Director Roger Lowe brought up Resolution 09-2006, saying the resolution needs to be fine-tuned to allow citizen input during the regular meetings.  As it stands now, the only opportunity the public has to comment on agenda items is before the Board discusses those items.  Mr. Lowe would like to see a public comment period after the Board discusses the agenda.  The Resolution will be formally discussed at next month’s Workshop and Regular meetings.

The Board also held their Regular meeting on July 29, immediately following the Workshop meeting.

A local family applied for a county permit to build a home on the corner of Tally Dr. and Jodie Pl. in Colorado City.  Initially, the county said that 341 feet of Tally Dr. between Bruce Rd. and Jodie Pl. would have to be paved.  The CCMD Board met with the county commissioners last week and argued that since none of the other road in the area was paved, paving this 341 feet would be a undue hardship on the family and on Colorado City.  As recorded in the Pueblo Chieftain, the commissioners agreed and instructed staff to sign the permit and allow building to begin.

This week, several members of the CCMD Board received emails from the county, making many more demands on the road, saying that it needed to be brought up to new minimum standards.  Since this is clearly not what the commissioners directed, the Board will appeal these new requirements directly to the commissioners.

Colorado City employees currently have a retirement plan administered my Nationwide, but Nationwide has been unresponsive to their questions and concerns.  The employees would like to switch their retirement plan to one administered by Met Life.  The Met Life plan offers a 3% sign-on bonus, and a guarantee that the plan will never return less than 6% in any year.  Chairman Bill Dye mentioned he has always had a positive experience dealing with Met Life customer service.  The Board gave permission to initiate transfer discussions with Met Life.

George Zane, a resident of Colorado City, spoke concerning the Availability of Services (AOS) fee.  Mr. Zane would like to see a financial statement every three to five years, showing the progress made on the water projects that the AOS fee was designed to pay for.

Greater Outdoors Colorado has made a financial grant of $200,000 to Colorado City for Phase II of the work being done at Greenhorn Meadows Park.  The Board approved Resolution 10-2008, accepting the grant.  Phase II calls for paving the track with asphalt, but asphalt is in extremely short supply at the moment, due to the price of oil.  In the event the track cannot be paved, the Board will request that GOCO allow them to use the grant money for a later phase.

The Golf Course Advisory Board nominated Joe Williamson to that board.  The Board read a letter from Prim Ivan, recommending Joe Williamson to the Golf Course Advisory Board.  The Board unanimously approved Mr. Williamson.

The Board wishes to divest itself of the Community Center, which is currently a part of the west golf course.  The Board gave permission to begin the process of splitting the property from the golf course property.  After the split is complete, the Board will sell the Community Center.

This article originally appeared in the August 6, 2008, edition of the Greenhorn Valley View.


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