Resolution 09-2006

The Board of Directors of the Colorado City Metropolitan District has declared a new Workshop meeting to be held each month.  The meeting will be held from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM, on the last Tuesday of each month, immediately preceding the regular meeting at 7:00 PM.  The first of these new Workshop meetings will occur next Tuesday, July 29.

The purpose of the Workshop meeting is to collect citizen input on agenda items the Board will consider at its regular meeting.  Citizen input is essential on critical metro district matters, and the Board wants all the input it can get.  But it also wants to ensure that business can get done at those meetings.  At the Workshop meeting of the Board of Directors, held on July 21, the Board and the citizens discussed a previously adopted resolution designed to ensure order and decorum.

In past meetings board members have been verbally assaulted, opinions were demanded of members before the members had a chance to consider the matter carefully, and board meetings were exceptionally long.  Resolution 09-2006 was introduced to bring some order to the meetings and limit their length, without curtailing citizen input.  The resolution calls for the chairman to read a statement of conduct and demeanor prior to the citizen input section of each meeting, and for citizens to sign in to speak.  No more than ten people are allowed to speak, for a maximum of three minutes each.

According to Jim Gerler, attorney for the board, the resolution gives board members time to carefully consider a matter, without an opinion being demanded of them on the spot.  It also prevents the meetings from dragging on too long, and ensures decorum.  Bill Dye, chairman of the board, wants to ensure that board meetings do not get sidetracked, and the resolution allows him to stick to a pre-determined agenda.

Some of the board members, however, think the resolution goes too far and needs to be fine-tuned.  Director Jacque Wacob says the resolution doesn’t allow for impromptu comments from the floor, and Director Roger Lowe says the board needs impromptu comments from citizens who don’t always know beforehand if they will want to speak, and so don’t sign in to speak.

After considerable deliberation among the board members and the citizens present at the Workshop meeting on July 21, the board decided to let Resolution 09-2006 stand as is.  In order to ensure the citizens have the opportunity to speak, however, the Board declared a new Workshop meeting to be held each month.  The Board cordially invites all interested parties to attend the Workshop meetings, as well as the regular Board meetings, in order to ensure their voices are heard.

This article originally appeared in the July 23, 2008, edition of the Greenhorn Valley View.


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